About Me

Quick Bio:

I grew up in Wisconsin where I was always active and played sports, but never focused on running. After my wife and I moved to the D.C. area, I got an office job and I got pretty out of shape. So I started running in 2009 to get back into shape. I quickly discovered that I had a talent for running long distances. I decided that I wanted to run a marathon and qualify for the Boston Marathon. I am a perfectionist and when I decide to do something I go "all in." I trained hard, changed my diet, read every book, website and blog post on running and I achieved by goal at the Philadelphia Marathon in the fall of 2009.

After that I started looking for new challenges. I started running marathons regularly for fun, and was getting faster. I ran my first Ultra in March 2010, and a few months later I won my first 50k. Since then I have competed in numerous ultra distance events ranging from the 50k to 100 mile distance. In 2011 I continued to improve my performances and consistently finished in the top 5 to 10 in both nationally competitive Ultras and regionally in traditional race distances from 5k to the Marathon. 

Unfortunately in early 2012 I started having problems that sidelined me for most of the year. After over a year of trying I discovered (with the help of a doctor) that I had extra bone on my hips that causing an impingement. I had that taken care of and am now recovering and looking forward to returning to competition better and faster in 2014. Additionally, I am a husband and father of two young boys (ages 7 and 5). My day job is working in Information Security for Bridgestone Americas in Nashville, TN.