Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting Back At It

Been a while since a post, but I really haven’t had much to post. The past two months have been pretty lackluster as I have been dealing with some issues. Essentially, after the series of Ultras last fall culminating with the “death march” at Stone Mill 50, I was pretty beat up. After taking it easy for a few weeks things started clearing up, but I had chronic pain and tightness in my adductors through my groin and into my hips. Obviously an overuse issue, but this seemed like it might need a little more attention than usual. I eventually took some time completely off and went to go see Dr. Park. After a few sessions with Dr. Park, as well as some massage and taking a few real easy weeks (read frustrating), I am finally starting to feel better; just some occasional tightness. The past few days I have started to get some real running in again and other than the noticeable loss of fitness and some muscle soreness it feels really good to be “out-and-about.”

Over the next few weeks, I’ll continue to see Dr. Park and work on strengthening my adductors and hip flexors. I plan on running in some local races mainly to get my fitness level back up and hopefully be prepared for some real racingJ

As for the rest of 2012, I am still trying to figure it out. Hardrock is still a possibility, but I won’t know if I get in off the wait list until later this Spring/early Summer and I would really like to get in some training at altitude before then…There are plenty of other races/adventures I am looking forward to including a low-key stage race across Virginia (not sure I can get the time off for that though). Too bad I can’t make a living off this running thing. At least I can have fun doing something I enjoy, see beautiful scenery, and compete against others and myself to see how far I can push myself. We’ll see where the year goes, but for now I am just looking forward to getting back at it.

“Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain” – Bob Dylan

Saw the finale of this tour in New Orleans last year - Awesome!!

Big Easy Express Official Trailer from S2BN Films on Vimeo.

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