Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GW Birthday Marathon

Just a quick post here. This was really a training run. I was supposed to run the MMT Training 50K the day before, but with two kids and a wife with the flu, this was not in the cards. So I had relatively fresh legs going into the marathon (still had 100+ miles for the week). I knew Karsten was running and it would take at least a 2:50 to win. I went out conservatively and ran with a local ultra-runner, Jon, for most of the race. It is always nice to run with a fellow ultra. We were both trying for about the same pace, so we just had a good time pushing the miles, chatting, and passing other runners as we completed our loops (it was a 3 loop course). Around mile 23 I kept the pace around 6:20 and Jon dropped back a bit. I saw Karsten in the last mile, but with two steep hills to climb, I knew I could not catch him. I came in about 4 minutes after him for second place in 2:50:45 and Jon was about a minute behind me.

It was a good day of running and I was pleased with the results. On a flat course it was probably a 2:45 effort, so I think if I actually try to run a fast marathon I could run in the 2:30s. But for now, I am focused on longer distances and endurance. The 50 mile USATF Championships are next weekend and Potowatomi 100 is April 9. I feel pretty good and am pleased with my conditioning so far. Let's hope I keep it up:)

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